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1.4: Writing Someone Else's Characters

4 years ago

Episode Notes

So. We've got our producer. We've got our story bible and all our plans set. But now it's time to start writing--which means it's time for Katie to start writing for characters she didn't come up with. This week, hear about how to overcome the anxieties of working with a story someone else already has roots in, featuring some truths and advice from Eli Barraza of The Whisperforge.

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-You can find Eli Barraza's work on The Whisperforge podcast collective, where she's worked on ars PARADOXICA and created The Far Meridian. You can also find Eli on Twitter. -You can find Gabriel Urbina's 33 Question Character Crash Course on his website, along with his other useful writings on writing. -Music by Broke for Free Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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